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Sandbox for responsible AI public procurement

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The project aims to pilot a procurement sandbox to help GPAI member states assess AI products and services they have procured, helping to test and improve compliance with responsible AI procurement guidelines or regulations, and identify possible gaps and challenges.

Creating sandboxes can help test new technologies transparently and contribute to evidence-based policymaking

The project seeks to co-develop and test procurement sandbox prototypes with GPAI governments for specific use cases.

We plan to engage with governments in co-creation workshops to identify use cases of interest based on their needs and aspirations. Then, we will develop, test and adapt the prototype sandbox in an iterative design process. The project outcomes include the procurement sandbox functional specification and testing protocol, as well as lessons learned from initial testing and a template for implementing the sandboxes based on the tested mockup specification.

The project extends current efforts for operationalizing AI governance, and can lead to more agile procurement guidelines, as well as benchmarking, standards and metrics. It will also serve as further evidence for the benefits and challenges of using sandboxes in different sectors and environments.


Lama Saouma


AI Initiatives Lead

Juan David Guetierrez

Universidad de los Andes

GPAI Expert and project co-lead

Arunima Sarkar

World Economic Forum

GPAI Expert and project co-lead

Steering Committee

Aditya Mohan

Tom Lenaerts

Rob Heyman

Virginia Dignum

Juliana Sakai

Clara Neppel

Collaborative opportunities with CEIMIA

For this project, we are currently engaging with the World Economic Forum and might work with different governments through WEF’s Centres for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in multiple countries.

Governments who would like to pilot a sandbox for AI procurements are welcome to reach out to us so that we can identify the use cases of interests together.

Additionally, we welcome expert representatives from external organisations in this domain to join the team as members of the project advisory Group.