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Using AI to provide more efficient and accessible health services

As we seek to build more resilient societies that can face health crises like future pandemics or the rapidly aging populations, we need to harness AI’s potential to develop more precise, accessible and affordable healthcare services.

Our Global Health program fosters and supports the responsible development and use of AI-enabled solutions for the advancement of innovative solutions providing more efficient and accessible health services and to address global health issues.

By supporting action-oriented, inclusive and practical solutions, our Global Health program develops tools that can help anticipate future health crises, that support rapid governmental actions, like living repositories of AI initiatives to fight pandemics, or that provides recommendations on the use of AI to accelerate the development and limit the costs of the creation of new drugs for orphan or new diseases.


Meet the CEIMIA team

Through a unique collaborative structure, CEIMIA is a key player in the development, funding and implementation of applied AI projects for the benefit of humanity.


Getting involved with CEIMIA

Good reasons to collaborate

Getting involved with CEIMIA means contributing to the responsible development of AI for global health. Give your organization the opportunity to establish a unique position within the GPAI. Benefit from collaboration with international experts from academia, private industry and civilian society in the AI and environmental sectors.

We attach great importance to collaboration with our partners, by providing a competent team for structuring, financing and managing projects, and capable of gracefully navigating the entrepreneurial environment. At CEIMIA, the spirit of openness and inclusion in the development and implementation of AI projects humanity is critical to us. We provide concrete solutions with international visibility to address health challenges such as pandemic resilience and drug discovery.

If you share our passion and commitment to these projects, or if you have an idea for an environment-related project to discuss, contact us now!