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Artificial intelligence for net zero industries: Assessing sectoral readiness for AI

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The aim of the project is to develop a series of comprehensive booklets to help companies in the sectors like electricity, transport, agriculture, and heavy industry to deploy AI in support of a cost-effective transition to net zero.
The project’s goal is to provide organisations with a clear understanding of the prerequisites needed to effectively implement AI into their operations.

In 2022, Project RAISE has published its first booklet to enable the electricity sector to better navigate the transition to net zero by becoming AI-ready

In partnership with the Center for AI and Climate, Project RAISE has developed an AI Readiness Index and Self-Assessment Tool to guide and inform companies operating in the electricity sector on how they can prepare to accelerate a low-cost net zero transition within their organisations through the application of AI solutions.

AI is already enabling progress across a wide range of use cases in the electricity system, and its importance will only grow as more applications emerge. In order for organisations to best utilise and take advantage of the opportunities AI can offer to support the transition to net zero, they need to become AI-ready. To support companies in assessing their current level of AI readiness and to map out areas for further investment, we provide an AI Readiness index and Electricity Readiness Self-Assessment tool.

These mechanisms highlight five key themes, as identified by industry and AI experts, that electricity companies can advance to become AI-ready: AI opportunity identification, human capacity, data for AI, digital infrastructure, and responsible AI governance. AI offers opportunities for all aspects of electricity system planning and operation; however, there are some immediate opportunities where AI can be deployed, which include forecasting supply and demand, asset optimisation, electricity trading, flexibility markets, accelerating energy innovation and dispatches, and scheduling.

Project RAISE will subsequently publish additional booklets focused on the agricultural sector, transportation, and foundation industries.


Stephanie King


Director of AI Initiatives

Arnaud Quenneville-Langis


Project Manager

Johannes Leon Kirnberger


Project Manager

Nicolas Miailhe

The Future Society

GPAI expert and Project co-lead

Raja Chatila

Sorbonne University

GPAI expert and Project co-lead

Lee Tiedrich

Duke University

GPAI expert and Project co-lead


Pete Clutton-Brock


Centre for AI and Climate

Collaborative opportunities with CEIMIA

With the AI Readiness booklets, we have introduced a methodology for companies to assess their AI readiness in the electricity sector, soon to be expanded to more sectors.

We welcome collaboration with any organisation that is willing to apply the readiness assessment to its own operations and work on concrete steps to improve AI readiness.

Additionally, we welcome expert representatives from external organisations in this domain to join the team as members of the Project Advisory Group.