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Advancing research and practice for data justice

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The objectives of this project on data justice are to promote fairness, transparency, and accountability in data-driven decision-making, address biases and inequalities in data collection and usage, and empower marginalised communities through data rights.

Unleashing data justice by empowering communities through fairness and accountability

There is an urgent call to raise the profile of data rights beyond privacy. This project seeks to provide stakeholders with practicable tools to advance data justice through the lens of social and economic justice.

In today’s digital era, data plays a crucial role in shaping policies, services, and opportunities. However, data can also perpetuate biases and inequalities, leading to unjust outcomes for marginalised communities.

This project aims to analyse data practices, identify biases, and advocate for fair and transparent data collection, usage, and decision-making processes. By engaging with communities, raising awareness, and promoting data rights, the project seeks to empower marginalised groups and promote social justice in data-driven contexts.

This project will drive positive change in data collection and usage practices, leading to more equitable outcomes for marginalised communities. By promoting fairness, transparency, and accountability in data processes, the project will empower communities to demand their data rights, participate in decision-making, and challenge discriminatory practices. The project’s initiatives will contribute to reducing data biases and inequalities, fostering social inclusion, and promoting data justice as a key pillar of responsible data governance.


Arnaud Quenneville-Langis


Project Manager